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The American Board of Certified Criminal Investigators(ABCCI) is an Advisory Board under the American College of Forensic Examiners Institute (ACFEI). Please see below for updates and events.

The National Academy of Sciences Report [February 20, 2009] emphasizes the critical need for solid educational training, competency, uniformity and integrity of forensic scientists who are actively engaged in the various subspecialties of this highly important field of professional endeavor... The newly created position of Certified Criminal Investigator by the ACFEI represents a very significant step in achieving this goal. Training and acquired expertise leading to successful completion of a challenging examination with formal recognition of such accomplishment by organizational licensure will soon be a fundamental requirement for all forensic science investigators.
Cyril H. Wecht, MD, JD, CFP, CMI-V, Chair of the ACFEI Executive Advisory Board, Life member since 2002

Board Members



Board Members:

Carolyn Martin

Dr. Peter Barone, Esq. LL.M, J.D., PhD

Harold F. Risk, PhD, DABPS, FACFEI

Henry "Scott" Browne, MS, RS, CC

Joseph A. Juchniewicz, MA, SSI, CHS-III, CCI

Mark Boutwell, CPPP, FIPC, CMI-I





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